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Planning outdoor activities for your trip in Dubai city

  August 26, 2017

A trip to Dubai is always marked by memorable activities from Desert Safari, Dhow Cruise to tourist attractions and sea fishing. Marvel at the real Dubai. 

Tucked away along the spectacular Persian Gulf, Dubai city is home to extensive shopping destinations, skyscrapers and flashy cars. However, as most travelers to Dubai would readily agree, there is more to traversing this region than that. Dubai is a vibrant city brimming with full of life. The region is renowned for its lively city life, sprawling desert, cruise tourism and diverse cultural heritage. If you are a traveler, few places offer more in terms of scope than the tourist attractions in Dubai. So, it is important to plan cleverly before you head out to explore the rich heritage of Dubai.       

What makes Dubai tour stand out from the rest?

You keep hearing about how Dubai is full of special places and the more you learn the more you realize how little you know about the place. The charms of Dubai are not limited to locations such as Marina and massive shopping malls. The region also offers you a broad range of activities in the form Desert safari and dhow cruise. As many find out in the course of your journey, a typical trip to Dubai is characterized by endless events and distinct experiences. Dubai Marina for instance delivers the starting point for all travel lovers who want to get really adventurous. Marina is one such place that is famous for offering everything necessary for having fun whether you are travelling alone or with your family.

Feel the heat of Dubai with a Desert Safari

What better way to escape the confines of city than by going on desert safari. Desert Safari offers tourists an overview of Dubai in its full scope and grandeur as travelers taken on ride through diverse emotions. A Safari across the expanse of desert could well give you the much-needed escape from the hustle and bustle of city. Your Desert Safari across the stretches of desert will include camel riding, dune bashing and sumptuous dinner. Having a variety of compelling options at your disposal will allow you to explore Dubai to the fullest.   

Frolic in the waters on your Dhow Cruise

Most travelers to Dubai show no hesitation in jumping on board for Dhow Cruise. Quite honestly, not many would turn down the chance to go on cruise across Dubai Marina while being caressed by the romantic city lights. Travelers are able to cruise across the water on a wooden vessel while enjoying a sumptuous dinner. The delicacies for the dinner include varieties of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes that can delight travelers of varying tastes. So when you are places for outdoor activities in Dubai, look no further than dhow cruise.  

Go fishing in the deep waters of Arabian Gulf

You surely do not want to pass up the opportunity to go fishing in the deep riches of Arabian Gulf. Time is now for you to try your hand in fishing as you go all out into the deep sea accompanied by experts in the industry. Take up the challenge and see if you have what it takes to catch the likes of Barracuda, King fish and other big fish. Sea fishing activity is specifically intended for a complete family experience and will ensure that each member has access to all equipments. Explore the uncharted areas and witness the depths of Arabian Gulf while catching fresh fish of all sizes and varieties.