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Dune Bashing takes you to the heart of Dubai tour experience

  August 07, 2017

The best way to experience the pulse of desert Safari is by jumping into a world-class sports car. Dubai welcomes you to indulge in Dune bashing.  

It is natural for most tourists in Dubai to be overwhelmed by the number of travelling possibilities in the region. Irrespective of your travel goals, it would be a huge mistake to pass up the chance to check out some good old Dune Bashing in Dubai. Most travel agencies understand how unprepared travelers tend to be when they show up for trips to places. Take a closer look at the amazing Dune bashing that has remained high on the agenda of tourists all around the globe. So let’s dive right into the world of Dune bashing and learn from the experts.    

What makes Dune bashing a favorite activity in Dubai?

Dune bashing has emerged as the most talked about tour activity in Middle East. So what exactly is it that makes this exhilarating sports stand out from the rest. All right take a moment and imagine the prospect of setting out for an adventurous ride across the desert. Now, things can only get more exciting when you find yourself in SUV with inflated tires. Okay, now that you are all set for the ride of your life-time, it is worth noting that desert surface is for the most part uneven. To make matters more interesting you will find awkward inclines of hundred feet long.      

Dune Bashing is Adventure redefined

So you get to drive speedy cars across sand dunes to the point where you feel like car is about to flip over. Of course you can dispel the fear of being injured during the drive, thanks to the high level of safety arrangements available inside the car. What it will certainly produce is a screaming fest from passengers. The wildly adventurous cruise through sand dunes in the region will offer a real rush of the blood into the head. Just make sure not to get in for a drive immediately after a sumptuous meal.   

The art of Dune bashing in harshest of deserts  

 There is a reason why Dune Bashing is regarded by many as the most popular tourist attraction in Dubai. Extensive deserts stretching across the outskirts of city forms an integral part of Dubai tour experience. As you set out for exploring Dubai like never before, make sure to traverse the expanses deserts. There is no better way to feel the rhythm of Deserts than to go out on cruise in SUV. Your trip to Dubai will be incomplete without venturing into the wilderness of Desert in one of those SUVs.